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Crystal Light Bed

Remove blockages, open your heart, balance your energy

Crystal Light Bed

Our crystal light bed comes directly from Brazil, where the original famous John of God light bed was first used for healing. 

What is a Crystal Light Bed?

Lights, colour, action!

Our crystal light bed comes directly from Brazil, where the original famous John of God light bed was first used for healing. 

The bed has 7 clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client lying on a massage table. Each quartz crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and positioned to align with the seven corresponding human energy centres, or chakras. Coloured lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colours, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra, cleansing, balancing, and aligning your energies. The individual receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing in the energy.

How Does the Bed Work?

It's like a magical mystery tour....

The Crystal Bed combines the power of Color Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy. This energy stream produces beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels of being. As the colour is transmitted through the crystal onto the corresponding chakra, the chakra is cleansed, energized, and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This allows the other aspects of the self, mental, emotional, or physical, to be brought into balance; for when the chakras are out of balance, all aspects of ourselves will also be out of balance. As these subtle energies are rebalanced, the body's natural healing mechanisms can function as they were designed. The Crystal Bed Healing cleanses, balances, and recharges the body's energy creating a state of deep relaxation. It is also a great preventative modality.


People who have had Crystal Bed Healing sessions have reported some of the following:​

  • An increase of senses (taste, sight, touch).

  • Feeling more energized, clear thoughts, heightened ability to focus.

  • Feeling of deep relaxation and universal connection.

  • Feeling more at peace within themselves and reduced anxiety.

  • Increased sense of overall well-being and health.

  • A deeper spiritual understanding of themselves and their life situations.

  • Gaining insights into their future life path.

  • Gaining insights into personal health.

  • Receiving guidance as to how to best deal with their disease or problems.

Who Should Receive a Crystal Bed Healing Session?

Our Crystal Bed Healing sessions are open to everyone. Whether you are looking for balance and peace, a sense of overall health and well-being, or looking to try something new, a Crystal Bed Healing session is exactly what you need to feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Many people use Crystal Bed Healing sessions to relieve anxiety, balance and center their chakras, and even cure physical ailments. No matter the reason, people of all ages and levels of health are invited to try a Crystal Bed Healing session.

How Often Should I Do a Crystal Bed Healing Session?

The number of sessions anyone should have depends on the individual's level of health and their reason for doing a session. If someone is very ill, then sessions can be as many as two to three per week until their level of health increases, then the frequency can be reduced to weekly and then monthly. If an individual is having a session for a spiritual reason, then one or two sessions a week are adequate. Still, others prefer to come when they feel the need, and others come once a month as a preventive measure to help them stay "tuned up."

How Long is a Session? 

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Sessions normally range anywhere from 25-50 minutes long. Sessions can be held daily if needed; however, no more than one hour of treatment is recommended in one day. Initially, sessions are 50 minutes for a person in average health and 25 minutes for those who are ill or weak. Once comfortable with the sessions, they can be extended. This allows the individual to become accustomed to the effects of the Crystal Bed.

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