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Helping kids in need of compassion, safety and hope for a better life.

Covenant House provides a safe space for youth who are homeless, trafficked or at risk.

These kids are facing more complex challenges. In addition to abuse, neglect and family breakdown, more youth struggle with mental health, finding affordable housing and getting stable, meaningful jobs.

Interventions are best when started early, and Covenant House has been a national leader at the front lines to ensure they have the solutions available for the biggest impact.

Homelessness or trafficking can happen to anyone. However, young people who face added barriers because of disability, sexuality or racial identity are often over-represented. And 61 per cent of youth at Covenant House are from average and upper-income households. For them, the street appeared a safer option than staying at home.

These youth are some of the most vulnerable and some of the most resilient. With the right opportunities, they can build a better future.

I am proud to support this amazing organization and welcome you to learn more by clicking below.

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