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Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

A powerful combination

My practice integrates Clinical Hypnotherapy,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Health Coaching to facilitate positive behavioural changes and results that move you forward quickly - 100% of the time. 

This is a beautiful form of combined therapy that is focused on bringing more peace, wholeness and happiness into your life. Below is a short description of each, however I encourage you to reach to me so we can get your questions answered. 

And the best part?  I can help from any part of the world regardless of where you live.

Hypnosis is a natural and powerful healing state that allows you to release old negative habits

and bring you to a place of peace, joy and success in just 21 days or less.  All hypnosis is

self-hypnosis; its that relaxing state just before you fall asleep or just wake up in the

morning. You are in complete control during hypnosis, with a relaxed mind that is open

for suggestion and deep healing.

Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to release old negative habits and behaviours

(e.g. anxiety, fears, past traumas, phobia, depression, study stress) and develop new

patterns of health, success and joy in a very short period of time.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, similar to that of the feeling just before waking up  and just

before you fall asleep. You are in complete control the entire time while being in a deep

state of relaxation and healing.

It is important to understand what hypnosis is...and what it is not. 

Hypnosis is not...

  • Sleep

  • A state of unconsciousness

  • Loss of self-control, or

  • Being controlled by someone else

Hypnosis IS...

... a deeply relaxing and healing state that opens up a direct communication line to the unconscious mind without the filters of our fears, restrictions and limiting beliefs.

Did you know...that you are actually in and out of low level hypnosis every 30 seconds or so?  You do this naturally all the time when watching tv, reading, listening to someone and even driving.  If you think you have never been under couldn't be more mistaken!

In this state we are able to deeply embed positive suggestions and commands to literally change the way you react and think about things.  

In fact, 20 minutes of hypnosis is equal to 4 hours of sleep.

Is Hypnotherapy

& NLP right for you?

Please contact me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation to assess hypnosis and/or NLP would be right for you.

All clients that book with me require a pre-call to ensure success.

More Information


A Little Bit About Hypnobirthing

Hypno-birthing is a beautiful form of care that supports and enhances ease, relaxation and comfort during pregnancy right to after the baby is born.

The hypno-birthing program can begin at any stage, proving that pain can be managed when the body and mind work together in an orchestration of relaxation. Clients who participate in this program benefit from having any fears, anxieties and/or past trauma addressed from the beginning through a combination of hypnosis and NLP so as to allow the body to release and heal in its preparation. 

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is the psychology of success. It is an incredibly effective technique that utilizes our neurology to produce self-talk behaviours that generate successful results consistently and repeatedly.  "Neurons that fire together, wire together" which means that the way we think produces the results we get.  NLP has the ability to permanently remove the emotional reactions related to trauma, PTSD and other significant events in life that give you that 'ugh' feeling and reinforces a sense of peace and ease into everyday life.

NLP takes the 'emotional charge' out of issues in our life that hold us back - for good.

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Did you know...

There are over 200 known uses for Hypnotherapy & NLP which include:

  • Anxiety, Nervousness & Stress

  • Past Trauma & PTSD

  • Health, Wellness & Weight Loss Goals (including emotional root causes)

  • Divorce & Separation recovery

  • Fears & Phobias

  • High Performance Sports

  • Bullying & School Anxiety

  • Dental and Surgical Prep

  • Learning conditions (e.g. ADHD)

  • Pregnancy & Birth (Hypno-Birthing)

  • Study Habits & Exam Preparation

  • Self-improvement

  • Shopping and social media compulsions

  • Habits & Addictions

  • Grief and emotional recovery

  • Procrastination

  • PMS

  • Allergies

  • Sleep & relaxation

  • and many more


To find out more and discuss whether hypnosis is right for you, please contact me at

Hypnosis Research & Resources​

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