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Hugging myself back to health. The story of my hiatus and journey back.

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

So, I disappeared for a couple months. It wasn't by choice, but the result of a series of accidents and circumstances rendering me tired, injured and exhausted.

Perhaps like many of you, the universe blessed me with the ability to hold an immense amount of space for the pain and healing of others. But what happens when that attention needs to turn around and hold space for ourselves? For me, this was very tough and those that know me can attest to my passion for new things, boundless number of hobbies and sometimes downright exhaustive schedule. All of which I love and feed off of.

Now I will spare you the details of the water damage to my basement, the second water damage to my living room ceiling, the eye infections, the political dramas and oh yes...the rash. But I will share with you the TSN turning point that brought all things into crystal clarity...the fall down the basement stairs. It was bad, like 8 stairs plus a wall bad.

My normal coping mechanisms no longer worked, things had to change. Here are some of the big shifts that made room for my own healing.

The first thing I did, said no to everything that wasn't essential. Motherhood statement of the year, but it's true. I had to create the space so I had permission to stop, drop and roll. My calendar opened up, I became a master at Sudoku (8 minutes) and I got over the guilt. Funny...people find other ways of doing things when you aren't around.

The second thing I did? Explored the anxiety of stopping. Distraction is a terrific tool to soothe an otherwise active mind, however stopping allowed me to become an investigator of my own frenzy. Ew, not fun but completely worth it. I found it deepened my daily meditation and opened doors for greater self-acceptance and patience.

The third thing...poured myself into kindness. Kindness is underrated and not talked nearly enough about. It opens the heart, spreads goodness in small ways but has big impact with those you affect. This was a focused effort on smiling at everyone, complimenting people I met, practicing patience when others couldn't, expressing compassion with those who were stressed out and lacking control. The more I do it, the bigger my heart gets and it has become and obsession with love.

Bottom line, you can only bring others as far as you are willing to go yourself. Be kind to yourself, be of service to others and spread that love around.

Heavens know we need it.

So go shine that light of yours and remember...that love has to start on the inside.

Peace and light to you all.

Chantell Want more? I invite you to learn more about what hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can do to transform your health and life, permanently delete limiting beliefs that are holding you back and propel your momentum FORWARD through regular coaching and support. Please visit the Mindpower Resource Download Store for hypnosis downloads as well as my Events listing for more information.


Chantell Tunney, RHC, C.Ht., MNLP, DSHomMedWith over 20 years of clinical experience in health and mental wellness, I specialize in facilitating the removal of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that get in the way of living life to its fullest expression.As a board certified clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and registered Health Coach I integrate a variety of tools and techniques that support lasting change. To complement my practice, I draw from my experience as both a healthcare executive and clinician. In addition to private practice I work with corporate clients and community partners as a facilitator, educator, speaker and writer specializing in using communication and self-awareness as the buiding blocks for inevitable success. 

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