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Simple Tips to Level-Up for a New Year of Success!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Realistic and simple goal setting. It can be magical however it is only one part of achieving your health and life strategy goals.

As a coach I see many different types of people requiring different levels of support and stretch unique to what they want for themselves and out of life. Too often however, I meet many people who are super-determined to achieve their goals, have all the coaches, programs, products and equipment lined up to help them do the work, only to find themselves stuck in the same place 3 months later. And to make matters more frustrating, they report having been stuck in the same place in the past - repeating the same patterns and gaining little progress.

While goal setting AND establishing the right environment is really important to support your progress - there are three missing ingredients to this equation and they all relate to accountability, mindset and limiting beliefs. These three factors are key components to making positive changes that last because they effect the part of the brain that is your Goal Getter...not just your Goal Setter! This applies to all aspects of health and wellness, however it is particularly effective for folks working through life transitions, those releasing weight and reducing food (sugar) cravings, balancing mood and stress as well as finding more space for fun and happiness in your daily.

Levelling-up your mindset depends of course on where you are as an individual in your own growth and development. Here, I am going to share with you three simple upgrades you can do right away to make a difference.

1. The 90/10 Rule.

Eat healthy choices 90% of the time, and let yourself indulge 10% of the time without guilt . Celebrate the indulgence and enjoy every mouthful!

Deprivation is not a sustainable nor kind way to make changes that last and frankly, it only makes you think of what you can't eat even more! You may be able to get on a crazy fad diet or go cold turkey on your favourite food for two or three weeks, but we all know what happens after a “diet”? Some of us binge, feel bad, and give up because while we were ready to set the goal...we couldn't get the goal due to unrealistic expectations and a fragile foundation. Allowing yourself to eat what you love, while finding healthier substitutes that satisfy your taste buds is how you can make healthy changes that will bring you benefits over a longer period of time.

2. The Bigger Why

Have you ever begun setting a goal after first asking yourself "Why do I want to do this? What is important to me about this goal? Why does it matter that I put my attention, resources and effort into this?"

My experience tells me that this is usually a missing step before sitting down and figuring out a plan. In order to change a habit or lifestyle situation that is not longer working for you, you have to really want something else more. Unless you understand the 'why behind the why', all that effort is relying on the fragility of willpower alone!

And I don't know about you, but my willpower is not always a reliable friend, often betraying me when my need for comfort, crispy snacks and Netflix becomes a little too frequent!

To understand your WHY, take some time to understand yourself a bit more and go deeper. Think beyond the immediate consequences and keep asking yourself “then what?” – tap into the emotions that come with the immediate outcome.

3. Limiting Beliefs

Ah limiting beliefs. Those fiendishly hidden little devils that master our ability to hold ourselves back, hang on to negative emotions past their due date and effect our efforts to GET a goal. If you have been trying to make changes to your health and in your life, however cannot seem to realize breakthroughs beyond a certain point, I invite you to dig deeper into what might be holding you back. Maybe it’s not just willpower or circumstances that are preventing you from progressing forward. Perhaps it's time to look at more subtle causes from your past experiences that are responsible for holding you back. Taking a closer look at self-sabotage is a good way to gain insight into belief systems the are well past their best-before date. For more inspiration on this, check out one of my earlier blogs Lessons from my self-limiting tomatoes.

Want more?

I invite you to learn more about what hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can do to transform your health and life, permanently delete limiting beliefs that are holding you back and propel your momentum FORWARD through regular coaching and support.

Please visit the Mindpower Resource Download Store for hypnosis downloads.


Chantell Tunney, RHC, C.Ht., MNLP, DSHomMed

With over 20 years of clinical experience in health and mental wellness, I specialize in facilitating the removal of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that get in the way of living life to its fullest expression.As a board certified clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and registered Health Coach I integrate a variety of tools and techniques that support lasting change. To complement my practice, I draw from my experience as both a healthcare executive and clinician. In addition to private practice I work with corporate clients and community partners as a facilitator, educator, speaker and writer specializing in using communication and self-awareness as the buiding blocks for inevitable success. 

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