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Infrared Pulsed
Electromagnetic Field Mat
(PEMF Mat)

Natural, scientifically-based technology for cellular regeneration, detoxification and  healing.


PEMF therapy has been utilized for over 60 years as a rehabilitation technique that aids in the regeneration of damaged or injured cells.

Our PEMF Mats contain core technologies of a wide range of pulsed electromagnetic fields, full spectrum infrared, gem stone technology along with EMF remediation support. 

What is a PEMF Mat?

Our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) mat is designed for optimal rejuvenation. Offering the fusion of infrared heat, state-of-the-art PEMF technology, and therapeutic gemstones, our PEMF mat is key in expediting your path to recovery. This therapy is a non-invasive practice that harnesses the power of low-frequency magnetic fields to promote natural healing and recovery.

How Does the Mat Work?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, with a history spanning over 60 years, serves as a rehabilitation technique aiding in cell regeneration, enhancing micro-circulation, and supporting cellular energy production (mitochondria) for cellular-level healing and revitalization.

The infrared heat penetrated deep into your body to support improved circulation, pain relief, detoxification, stress relief, improved immune functions and much more. 

Who Should Receive a PEMF Mat Session?

Our PEMF mat therapy sessions are open to everyone, as the cellular and sleep benefits alone can impact every organ and system in your body.


Some benefits and uses include: ​​

  • pain relief

  • improved circulation

  • detoxification

  • reduced muscle tension

  • increased sports performance

  • faster recover times

  • higher levels of oxygen in the blood

  • improved brain functions

  • enhanced nutrient absorption

  • lowered stress and anxiety

  • improved relaxation

  • improved brain function

  • improved sleep

  • clearer thinking

  • improved mood

  • healthier skin

  • More energy

  • increased blood oxygenation

What will I feel during a treatment?

Everyone feels PEMF therapy differently.  Some feel nothing during the therapy, while others feel slightly warm in problem areas as more blood flows into the area and microcirculation opens up

Don't be surprised if you notice benefits during and shortly after starting. Some notice an increase in energy while others feel sleepy and relaxed almost immediately. 

It is normal to feel slight little movements and muscle twitching during a session. 

How Long is a Session? 

Sessions normally range anywhere from 25-50 minutes long. Sessions can be held daily if needed. It is recommended to come to the appointment well hydrated. 

This therapy is not recommended for women who are pregnant or if you have a pacemaker.

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