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The Lost Art of Daily Routine

Two true statements.

True statement #1: I love to get into unpredictable, unplanned mischief and can easily be provoked to throw caution to the wind and chase the latest shiny object.

True statement #2: I could not live fully in the fun, wanton abandon of life if I did not have a good solid (and yes sometimes boring) daily routine to keep my nonsense grounded.

Routines. They can create fearless warriors of life.

I am talking about those seemingly boring and somewhat uninteresting habits to which your day is structured around. The more busy life gets, the more I have come to realize (and depend upon) those daily rituals that keep my excitement, workload and occasional anxiety in perspective.

Here are some tips to consider as you reconnect with the resilient and steady nature healthy routines have to offer.

1) Re-frame the value of those daily rituals.

Rather than considering routines to be a discipline-based approach to daily structure, why not simply re-frame the value of that process. Routine is a way of finding rest and simplicity in the predictable nature of daily cycles and gives your head time to breathe and not work so hard. So take a load off and enjoy it.

2) Find strength, courage and adventure from the predictable

Think of your rituals as cycles that provide vital energy so you can play easily in the unpredictable parts of life. To create fearlessness we often need a stabilizing anchor. Something that keeps your platform grounded to allow you to explore unchartered waters of interest and passion.

3) Commit to small acts to bring big reward

As you consider incorporating new rituals in your daily dance of self-care, start small friends. Too many people pick the big hairy monsters too soon and set themselves up for failure. For a big change to happen, all you need is a small, consistent effort. I promise this is the fastest way to finish line of effortless habit.

So, as you think about your daily routines and how they may hold the secrets to future success and growth. I leave you with this.

"Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce." - Unknown

To all you secret superheros out there, trying to balance it all...I wish you rest and stability through your good daily routines.

May you all bounce bravely into the mischief of adventure.


Chantell Tunney is a Health Coach, holistic nutritionist, homeopath and alternative therapy practitioner. She is a complete brat, mischief maker and time management ninja with a badass practice in Oakville, ON Canada.

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